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  • Страна: Россия
  • Регион: Московская область
  • Город: Москва
  • Телефон: +7(342) 424-23-24
  • Добавлено: 21.02.2020 11:26
  • Истекает: 40 дней, 14 часов

  • Телефон:

Dafton Electronic Co., Limited is located in Dongguan, China
Specializing in SMT equipment and SMT spare parts, including feeder/feeder parts,nozzle/nozzle holder/shaft,laser/laser card, sensor,servo motor,driver,circuit board,solenoid valve,ball screw,belt,cable and other related parts, with complete varieties and specifications.
We also provide repair service for industrial camera (Such as CYBEROPTICS camera /DEK camera), SMT/AI laser, servo driver, servo motor, monitor, power supply, circuit board, electronic systems, etc.
We have taken in a group of experienced and professional staffs who are talented in management,sales and skills for repair.
Here, Dafton can offer to you any parts that you need and you can find and you need but you can’t find.

Our major business:
1. We sell new and used SMT machine/equipment, guarante completed parts and functions and good/excellent working condition.
2. We sell original new and used SMT spare parts with good sources and large stocks.
3. We supply original new and used SMT feeder,nozzle and some other parts with competitive price and good/excellent condition.
4. We supply copy/imitation SMT nozzle and make special nozzle according to our clients’ requirements.
5. We provide repair service for industrial camera (Such as CYBEROPTICS camera/DEK camera) by professional and experienced engineers.
6. And repair service for SMT/AI laser(Brands include Juki, I-Pulse/Tenryu, Yamaha, Samsung, Philips, etc), servo motor, servo driver, circuit board, monitor, power supply, electronic systems, etc. High rate and fast maintenance.
7. We provide recovery service of used and faulty Juki spare parts, CYBEROPTICS laser and CYBEROPTICS camera.
8. Our major brands include Juki, Panasonic, I-Pulse/Tenryu, Yamaha, Casio, Samsung, Siemens, Fuji, Philips/Assembleon, Dek, etc.KXF0DKCAA00 suppliers

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