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Wholesale ffp2 ce Protection

  • Страна: Россия
  • Регион: Оренбургская область
  • Город: Медногорск
  • Телефон: +7(345) 345-34-53
  • Добавлено: 31.03.2021 10:59
  • Истекает: 3 дней, 16 часов

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Our History
Our Mission: Reliable Protection with Comfort
When the Covid-19 hit, we decided to do our part and help to solve the problem. Drawn from decades of experience in text-iles and cosmetic industries as a major supplier for many fa-mous brands, we started a new mask making business to slow down the virus transmission. Within six months, our team ach-ieved a major milestone to pass CE FFP2 and FFP3 tests.
Our respirators are engineered to protect the wearer against both airborne particles and droplets of hazardous fluids with maximum filtration efficiency (>99%) and minimal breathing resistance. Advanced 3D shaped design enables a better seal and enhances wearers’ comfort. We use leading technologies and premium raw materials in each layer of protection to give wearers a comfortable experience and a great look.
We have a variety of masks and respirators to fit your needs.Be it FFP2 or FFP3, styles with ear loop strings or head straps,non-oil and oily aerosol filtration, with or without exhalation valve. Our respirators provide reliable protection at highly competitive prices! Give us a call to place an order or discuss any customizations you have in mind. Together, we fight and win the war against Covid-19!
Our Factory
Class 100,000 dust-free workshop, ISO 9001 factory.
Our Product
FFP3, FFP2, KN95, N99, 3 Ply Face Mask
Product Application
1. Melifuo996 FFP3 Respirator (Headband Style)
2. Melifuo997E FFP3 Respirator With Valve (Ear Loop Style)
1. Melifuo993 FFP2 Respirator (Headband Style)
2. Melifuo993E FFP2 Respirator Ear Loop Style
3. Melifuo995E FFP2 Respirator With Valve (Ear Loop Style)
1. Melifuo99A5 N99 Respirator (Headband Style)
2. Melifuo95A5 N95 Respirator (Headband Style)
1. Melifuo950 KN95 Respirator (Ear Loop Style)
2. Melifuo990 KN95 Respirator (Ear Loop Style) (Nano-Tech)
3. Melifuo991 KN95 Respirator With Valve (Ear Loop Style) (Nano-Tech)
4. Melifuo991Y KN95 Respirator With Valve (Ear Loop Style) (Nano-Tech)
鈼?3 Ply Face Mask
1. Melifuo900 3 Ply Face Mask 锛圓dult锛?/p>
2. Melifuo900C 3 Ply Face Mask 锛圕hildren锛?/p>
Our Certificate
FFP3 Melifuo 996 CE certificate
FFP3 Melifuo 997E CE certificate
FFP2 Melifuo 993 CE certificate
FFP2 Melifuo 993E CE certificate
FFP2 Melifuo 995E CE certificateKN95 Melifuo 990 test report
KN95 Melifuo 991 test report
Production Equipment
High and medium speed film maker
Ultrasonic ear rope welding machine
Computer belt cutting machine
Mask punching machineUltrasonic valve welding machine
Laser marking machine
Salt particulate matter filtration efficiency tester
Production Market
Opening up the EU market
Our Service
鈼?Pre sale
Talk with the customer well, answer the related common questions and solve the confusion for the customer.
鈼?On sale services
In the technical design, we will optimize the design and strive for improvement to ensure the high quality and quality of the masks. We will actively listen to the requirements of customers and improve the design. If customers have specified requirements for packaging or wearing methods, we will try our best to meet the requirements and try our best to coordinate the cooperation with all parties.
鈼?After sales service
Supply high quality masks to ensure customer satisfaction
(1) Timely reflect the needs of users;
(2) Provide high quality and low price products to ensure on time delivery;
(3) Strictly control the product quality;
(4) Package properly to prevent omission and damage.
Scope of after-sales service: it can be returned and replaced within 7 days
In short, we not only provide users with qualified products, but also provide high-quality services, set up a good image in the same industry and leave a deep impression on users.Wholesale ffp2 ce Protection

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